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Selected Work

Highlighting some of our favorite past projects that we're allowed to talk about.

Magnetic Surgical System

Prototype iteration for improved usability and safety for minimally invasive surgery

advanced materials drone

Custom Drone

Custom quadcopter designed to leverage advanced materials

Mobile Ventilator

Core development of a user-friendly, functional design with manufacturing support

Contactless Connectivity

Functional concept prototypes to showcase connectorless technology to OEMs

In-Road Safety Light

End-to-end design of ultra-bright and rugged in-road warning light for pedestrian safety

GUI phone application

Smart Home Cooling

UI/UX prototype of smartphone app for investor demos

Crosswalk Bollard

Sleek & durable housing for motion-activated pedestrian safety systems

Shadowbox 3D Tracker

Custom waterproof housing, production electronics, and firmware to capture extreme sports

Motion Capture Glove

Designed a wireless, battery-powered version, adding a custom armband