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219 Design Exhibits at the 2018 Design 2 Part Show

Director of Business Development

Another successful trade show for 219 Design!

219 Design is building our presence at trade shows. We had a successful showing at ESC/BIOMEDevice in 2017, and participated in the Design 2 Part Show in Santa Clara recently. We came equipped with some exciting examples of work we’ve completed lately, including the smart battery that we designed for Vantage Robotics Snap drone, which was a huge hit. Several people mentioned that we had the best giveaways of any booth this year, so be sure and visit us next time!


What is the focus of D2P?

Everything at the Design 2 Part show revolves around manufacturing. Exhibitors generally include suppliers of components, contract manufacturers, and companies that offer various manufacturing related services. Walking the aisles of the show, you’ll find endless interesting examples of stampings, gaskets, various molding techniques, machined parts, electronic components, custom springs, 3D printing, wire harnesses, and much much more. It’s a creative engineer’s dream come true because every company brings the most interesting examples of what they do.


Why was 219 Design there?

219 is an interdisciplinary engineering and design firm with experience developing all sorts of cutting-edge products. We handle the mechanical, electrical, and software development of new products in a wide range of industries – from consumer electronics, to surgical robotics, to industrial equipment, to medical devices, and more.

219 works with many of the vendors exhibiting at D2P, and we’re always expanding our network of vendors and suppliers so that we can connect our clients with the most appropriate resources. We were also there to introduce ourselves to potential future clients that may be in attendance.


Who attends the show?

  • Junior engineers and designers attend to learn about manufacturing methods and to discover new vendors. If you’re a student or recent engineering graduate and attending D2P wasn’t a requirement in any of your classes, you should definitely make it a point to attend. Free entry makes it an easy way to arm yourself with information about vendors and manufacturing processes to tackle future projects.
  • Senior engineers might go to network with people they’ve worked with, meet new vendors to expand their network, and to discover new technologies that might apply to their industry. Everything is constantly evolving to meet industry needs, and since all these vendors are showing off their latest and greatest, it’s an efficient way to catch up on what’s new while also seeing it for yourself.
  • R&D managers or director-level executives are a little more rare, but they occasionally tour the show with other members of their team, particularly if they’re doing research pertinent to a new project or company direction. CEOs and CTOs of startups are probably the most common example from this category.

Pro-tip: One way to meet the people you want to talk to is to invite them to schedule a meeting at the show ahead of time.



Come say hello to 219 Design!

We want to talk to everyone! We want junior engineers and designers to know about us early in their careers and call us in the future when the right project comes along. And, obviously, we love to meet executive-level decision makers who have a project for us more immediately. We’re also growing steadily and always keeping an eye out for people to join our interdisciplinary team.

We want to learn more about what you’re doing and explore opportunities to help with your product development success. Contact us with your product development needs and join our newsletter to find out about upcoming shows and events that we host at our facility, as well as updates on the cool stuff we’re working on.

We look forward to meeting you at an upcoming event!

Date published: 08/27/2018

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