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Applied Silver

Creating a Healthier World with IoT

Applied Silver is transforming everyday linens and clothing into germ killers, infection fighters, and health protectors by infusing them with pathogen-killing, odor elimination silver ions. 219 Design was brought in to develop a next generation version of the SilvaClean® system, an Internet of Things (IoT) enabled dispensing device that is significantly smaller, easier to use/service, more cost effective, aesthetically pleasing, and scalable.

Client Vision

To leverage the power of silver for a cleaner, healthier world

Making An Impact

Linens harbor bacteria and mold for months and contaminated linens are shown to spread microbes throughout the hospital environment, contaminating hands and critical care surfaces. To combat this problem, Applied Silver developed the first EPA approved residual antimicrobial laundry additive to reduce post-laundry contamination of textiles. It is proven to kill 99.9% of numerous common deadly pathogens and antibiotic resistant germs.


How It Works

The SilvaClean system is an IoT-enabled platform that leaves fabrics with residual antimicrobial properties after laundering. The system can be installed in any industrial laundry facility to infuse textiles with silver ions during the laundry rinse cycle, where the ionic silver bonds with fabrics to residually kill pathogens, mold, and mildew, eliminate odors, help prevent stains, and reduce static.

“219 Design’s comprehensive capabilities, insightful needs assessment, and on the mark scope definition set them apart from the rest. We are very happy customers.”
Sean D. Morham, Co-founder, Applied Silver

The Engineering Challenge

SilvaClean’s active component, silver, has been used as an effective antimicrobial for thousands of years. The challenge was to deliver SilvaClean to a variety of commercial laundry and manufacturing systems across industries where machines vary widely in size and throughput.

Applied Silver came to 219 Design as they were expanding from industrial laundry markets into smaller facilities such as universities, hotels, and clubhouses of professional sports teams as well as certain manufacturing lines. They wanted help to redesign their dispensing system to better fit these markets, while maintaining the same core functionality.
Our main goals were to improve…

The Solution

The SilvaClean system can now easily integrate with a broad range of existing laundry facilities and manufacturing lines to infuse textiles and target substrates with silver ions.

219 Design worked with the Applied Silver team on a clean modern look for the new unit. With the outer surfaces defined, 219 then developed an inner sheet metal frame to bear the weight of the components and SilvaClean cartridge. For custom components, we incorporated consistent draft angles that would gracefully transition production processes as Applied Silver scaled up manufacturing, such as parts that could both be 3D printed, but also transition to thermoforming and urethane casting.


Details Matter

Our team addressed many details for an excellent user experience, such as tucking in concealed 180-degree hinges and implementing a thoughtful UI for status notifications. In the tight volume, we subdivided the enclosure into modular units so that each could be serviced easily and individually. To speed up assembly, we streamlined, standardized, and aligned the fasteners to be easily installed from one direction.

Full Support

Through rounds of brainstorming, rapid prototyping, collaboration, and iteration, we brought Applied Silver’s vision for the dispensing control unit to life, but we didn’t stop there. The 219 team continued to work to scale up to production, connecting them with vendors and transitioning from prototype to production processes. We worked alongside Applied Silver’s engineering team to manufacture batches of dispenser units. As we went, we incorporated the feedback and ideas from field technicians and users, continuously improving the design.

“Collaborating with Applied Silver, a partner that shares our values of continuous refinement and innovation, has been a delight. We take pride in working with a team that strives for quality and precision in everything they do.”
Abe McKay, Mechanical Engineer, 219 Design

What’s Next?

Today, SilvaClean® is a key component in infection control programs at leading hospitals across the United States. They are also actively working with professional sports and NCAA teams to bring the same benefit to player safety programs and sports medicine initiatives around infection prevention. Applied Silver has more recently entered the consumer products space and is scaling a product portfolio that relies on the Revolution dispensing system for manufacturing. 219 Design is currently working on the manufacturing assembly of these units and will continue to support Applied Silver and their ambitious goals!

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