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Inventing Better Products Now

When DuPont needed to find innovative ways to show the unique capabilities of their advanced materials, they came to 219 Design. The partnership began in early 2018 with a concept generation session and has progressed to the development of a variety of prototypes that showcase many of DuPont’s advanced materials with novel designs.

Client Vision

To invent a better n:ow

DuPont Silicon Valley Technology Center (SVTC)

The DuPont SVTC is home to four labs to work in partnership with local customers for their prototyping, fabrication, characterization, and reliability to drive new products in relevant applications such as consumer electronics, EV/HEV/autonomous vehicles, 5G technologies, wearables, and smart materials/smart cities.

“219’s brainstorming methodology is collaborative and effective. We came up with many ideas together that could show the versatility of DuPont materials in engaging new ways. We had a lot of fun in the process too.”
Julian Velazquez, Innovation Prototyping & Design Lead at DuPont

In Search of New Ideas!

New clients often want to start work quickly while getting a feel for 219 Design’s capabilities and process before they make a bigger commitment. Like many projects, our work with DuPont started with a brainstorming session. Our focus was on ideation for prototypes that showcase their advanced materials. Four of these ideas have come to fruition and are now on exhibit at the DuPont Silicon Valley Technology Center – a lightweight and durable drone, AR headset with a better user experience, microsatellite, and eScooter.

The Drone

219 worked with DuPont to develop a custom-designed drone built primarily (more than 50%) out of DuPont materials. The materials were carefully selected for their ability to improve flight, safety, performance, and durability. We presented the drone together at IDTechEx and you can still see the video here.  

Advanced Materials 

The AR Headset

219 also worked with DuPont to create an AR headset using the LeapMotion Sensor and the open source Project North Star Kit. AR and VR are some of the most exciting fields in tech at the moment and the headset showcases how DuPont materials can be used to build a bridge to the future. 

The Hardware: The Project North Star open-source kit gave us a template to work from that was already compatible with standard game engines. This allowed us to prototype much more quickly than building a headset from scratch.

The Software: The LeapMotion sensors were able to recognize hands in space and display them as animations. We decided to show the user a spinning DuPont logo above their hands to display the capabilities of the headset and intuitively keep the users hands in view of the sensor, thus providing a better user experience.

Advanced Materials

“The DuPont team is energetic, proactive, and thoughtful in the way they identify opportunities for innovation. We’ve been able to tap into the deep knowledge base of DuPont’s materials experts to learn how to effectively leverage DuPont materials and technologies in all of our projects. ”
Miguel Piedrahita, Co-Founder of 219 Design

Electric Micromobility

We converted an off-the-shelf scooter to a solar-charging electric scooter-of-the-future that leverages the benefits of advanced materials like TPSiV® soft grip handlebars, airless Hytrel® tires, and high-performance Zytel® nylon and Delrin® plastic parts. Additionally, a complex wiring harness was replaced with a streamlined Pyralux® flex circuit. These materials gave the scooter unique features, durability, and improved manufacturability.

Advanced Materials

What’s Next?

We’re always working on a new prototype to showcase the potential of DuPont’s advanced materials. If you are interested in working with 219 Design to develop your product contact us to get started.

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