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219 Design provides the technical horsepower behind some of Silicon Valley's greatest products.

Surgical Robotics & Medical Devices

219 Design has expert knowledge across multiple disciplines to understand and implement the whole system.

  • Software for low-latency, interprocess, and device-to-device communication
  • Continuous integration & test-driven development
  • Hardware and software for test infrastructure and analysis
  • Research, development, and application of new technologies
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Complex Software & Firmware Solutions

We are experienced developing critical software with stringent requirements. Lives depend on it.

  • Instrument control software development
  • World class GUI development
  • Test-driven development
  • Documentation for regulatory compliance submissions
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Production Ready Smart Devices

Within our multidisciplinary structure, we combine electrical, mechanical, and software development effectively and efficiently.

  • Microcontroller-based digital and analog board design
  • Bare-metal and RTOS-based firmware development
  • Extensive bluetooth, wi-fi, and cellular experience
  • Expert sensor/actuator integration
  • Rechargeable battery technology development
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Advanced Prototype Development

Advanced R&D teams love us because we’re highly-capable, multidisciplinary, and flexible. We bridge the gap between vision and reality.

  • In-house development of complex works-like/looks-like functional prototypes
  • New technology research, exploration, and prototyping
  • Virtual reality for iterative development and remote design reviews
  • Development with an eye towards manufacturing/assembly (DFM/A)
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Extension of Expert Teams

Our private client list is staggering. 219 Design has worked with some of the world’s most impressive companies on breakthrough products.

  • Multi-disciplinary engineering with cross-industry expertise and deep expertise
  • Ability to scale up or down efficiently to meet needs
  • End-to-end engineering for lean companies
  • Guidance through the product development process

219 Design was a great fit for OneBreath. Like biodesign, 219 applies an interdisciplinary approach to consistently produce thoughtful, unique, and innovative outcomes.

Matt Callaghan, OneBreath

219 is extremely professional to work with and has the state-of-the art skill set to build BLE and embedded platforms, from early prototypes right up to internationally certified production products.

P.K. Mishra, Fingertips Lab

Every day counts in the build-up to an initial product release, and 219 helped extend our team to enable a faster time to market. They delivered a design for our smart battery and charging system that smoothly integrated with the rest of our system, and laid the foundation for next-generation improvements.

Joe van Niekerk, Vantage Robotics

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