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Delivering innovative solutions through collaboration, test-driven design, and thoughtful iteration.


Real Engineering

Unlike many firms, we don't stick to one sandbox. We practice interdisciplinary product development - creating solutions by integrating engineering disciplines to cross boundaries and challenge assumptions.

Real Results

We're not just in the business of engineering products. We're in the business of helping our clients achieve their goals. Our approach, our passion, and our talent show in our results.

Here are a few of the areas at which we excel…

Design for Manufacture (DFM)

Designing parts for high quality and low cost at target volumes using the right manufacturing processes.

Medical Devices

Developing prototypes, software, firmware, mechanicals, and electronics for medical devices.

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Mechatronic Solutions

Creating elegant, cost-effective, and reliable mechanical designs tightly integrated with electronics and firmware.


Designing & implementing GUIs that interact with hardware - like diagnostic machines and robotic surgery systems.

Transition to Production

Working with onshore and offshore contract manufacturers to get quality products made at small and large volumes.


Designing products centered around BLE connectivity and integrating BLE into existing designs to enhance core functionality.

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Embedded Computing

Delivering custom electronic and firmware solutions based on microcontrollers, DSPs, and COTS modules like Raspberry Pi.

VR Tracking

Helping our clients deliver better VR experiences by developing custom tracked objects.

Rechargeable Devices

Developing custom rechargeable devices - like a smart battery for a drone.

Early Stage Prototypes

Developing proof-of-concept prototypes to evaluate new ideas and demonstration prototypes to convey the technology to investors.

Capacitive Sensing

Incorporating touch-sensitive functionality to implement buttons, sliders, and touchpads into devices and systems.

Technology Exploration

Evaluating technology to address highly complex problems and developing a roadmap for integration.

How We Work

We accelerate your product development by extending your team, offloading development, or a mixture of both:

Extend Your Team
We can act as an extension of your in-house engineering team, increasing bandwidth and filling skill gaps. We can plug into your internal processes and procedures. We regularly participate in clients’ team meetings and stand-ups.

Offload Your Development
We can be responsible for one or more portions of your product development. We can manage the project and work autonomously so you can focus on your core competencies. We meet with you on a regular basis to keep you in the driver’s seat.

With 219 Design, you get a true development partner that is in it for the long run. We have helped clients build a solid internal team by interviewing potential hires. We have helped clients retain institutional knowledge through multiple mergers and acquisitions. We have handled end-to-end development across multiple product iterations. Regardless of our specific task, we are here to help you succeed.