The Art in Artificial Intelligence


“I think art can be part of the solution because art can inspire people to look at an issue they might otherwise ignore or reject. Art has the power to seduce, engage, and address our universal humanity in ways that create important conversations.” — Shepard Fairey   The Influence of Media on the Perception of…

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9th Annual ME218 Alumni BBQ Was a Success!


We recently hosted the 9th Annual ME218 Alumni BBQ and it was a huge success and the biggest one yet! We had a great turnout this year with about 150 people. For me, the most exciting part was the open mic, where a dozen different alumni announced job openings. I can’t think of a more…

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On the Fence for IPC Certification?


Do you design, build, or test electronics assemblies? Are you thinking about IPC certification? I’ll share my experience with this program so you can decide if it makes sense for you or your team to get certified.  IPC, the Association Connecting Electronics Industries, is an ANSI organization that publishes popular standards for the electronics industry….

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SF Design Week Part Two: Highlights and Takeaways


Design Week 2017 was awesome! With almost 200 events, no one could see them all, so here are some highlights and takeaways from the sessions that were great, but didn’t make it into my last blog post.   MOMENTS THAT MATTER: HEALTHCARE DESIGN & INNOVATION “Design can impact the healthcare experience.” I was expecting a…

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SF Design Week Part One: Asking the ‘Right’ Questions


SF Design Week is a collection of events and talks centered around design-thinking. This year’s theme was ‘Question Everything,’ which I interpreted to mean ‘be open-minded.’ I went into each session with my own questions in mind: What are common challenges that designers encounter across all disciplines? How can we use another designer’s process and…

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