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A Tale of Efficient Keyboard Navigation Code in QML


If you believe less is more… If you are a conscientious and diligent developer… If you have ever thought “there’s got to be a better way…” This is the blog for you! This is all about finding a straightforward solution to efficient keyboard navigation code in QML using Pane’s FocusPolicy.  If you landed here because…

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Introducing The Next Generation of Laser Medical Systems

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Mechanical Engineering For Prototypes, Manufacturability, and Next Gen Products


Since joining 219 Design’s team, I’ve learned a lot about our unique design process and past successes in mechanical engineering. This post highlights from some of the projects I found the most exciting at each stage of the process. -Abe McKay, Mechanical Engineer What We Do 219 Design is a Silicon Valley based interdisciplinary product…

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Virtual Reality as User Experience Evaluation Tool


As product designers, we look for methods to get user feedback fast and often on our prototypes. Rapid iteration keeps designs grounded and irons away pitfalls before they are baked into the design. Virtual Reality can be a fast and inexpensive way to get user input, speeding up prototyping iterations and improving the product design…

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VR Character Recognition Demo


You’ve probably heard the buzz about Virtual Reality and Deep Neural Networks. In this post, I’ll demonstrate one way the virtual user experience can be improved by an application that recognizes the letters of the alphabet written in the air using a Deep Neural Network. Tracking the positioning and orientation of the user’s head and…

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