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Selected Work

Highlighting some of our favorite past projects that we're allowed to talk about.

Robotic Bronchoscopy

Developed a touchscreen-based GUI for the setup and cleanup of a custom robotic cart

Rapid Response Ventilator

Collaborative prototyping, DFM, & development in record time

graphical user interface GUI medical device software

Laser Photocoagulator

GUI design and implementation with offline voice control for laser medical system

Robot Assisted Dental Surgery

Designed custom boards and provided general EE support

Mobile Ventilator

Core development of a user-friendly, functional design with manufacturing support

Therapeutic Medical Device

Iterative development based on user testing and experience

Catalys Laser System

Graphical User Interface (GUI) for an award winning eye surgery system

Surgical Robotics

Magnetic Surgical System

Prototype iteration for improved usability and safety for minimally invasive surgery

Personal Steam Inhaler

Full production electronics, firmware, & wireless comm for consumer health device